This condition is still experimental is use with causion
Availiable from release CCNet Conditional for CCNet 1.5

Checks the time of an events against a set of rules
<timeCondition dayOfWeek="Weekend" timeOfDay="09:00-19:00" timeZone="GMT-1:00" timeToEvaluate="now"/>
dayOfWeek : A mask of days to evaluate against.
Posible values are
  • Monday/Mon
  • Thusday/Tue
  • Wednesday/Wed
  • Thursday/Thu
  • Friday/Fri
  • Saturday/Sat
  • Sunday/Sun
  • Weekend (Identical to Sat,Sun)
  • Workweek (Identical to Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)
  • Any (Identival to Weekend, Workweek)
You can group days by specifying more days seperated by "," as in "Mon, Wed, Fri" or
You can specify ranges by using - as in "Mon-Thu"
Default value is "Any"

timeOfDay : Specifies a time range to evaluate against
The format should be H:MM-H:MM where hours are in 24 hour format. ie. "8:00-16:30"
If the last period is before the first this will be interpited as spanning 0:00. ie. "16:30-8:00" is seen as from 0:00 to 8:00 and from 16:30 to 23:59:59
It is not (yet) posible to group timespans using ,
Default value is "0:00-23:59"

timeZone : Specifies what GMT timezone to use
Should be in the format GMT/-H:MM where hours are in 24 hour format and minutes are optional. ie. "GTM", "GMT10" or "GMT-10:30" are all legal values.
Timezone is used against the servers timezone,
Default valeu is the servers timezone

timeToEvaluate : Specifies what datetime to use for the evaluation
Valid values are
  • now : Current datetime at evaluation time
  • buildStart : datetime for the build start
  • buildEnd : datetime for the estimates end of the build
  • firstModification : datetime for the first included modification
  • lastModification : datetime for the last included modification

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