The conditional plugin allows you to use conditions in your cruise control projects. I’ve
created the conditions I need to solve the issues I had at my work.

We are currently running in the ballpark of 200 different projects doing everything from
CI, nightly builds, helpfile generation and release builds using only 15-20 different config
files with around 1500 lines of xml (nicely formatted). We can only do this by using
Preprocessor Constant Values, cb:include and this conditional plugin.

Plugin tasks

conditional : Task for grouping the conditions, and groups of tasks to be performed if conditions evaluate to true or false.
commentTask : Adds a comment to the build log
errorTask : Triggers the build to fail and adds a comment to the build log

Grouping Conditions

andConditions : Ands all the contained conditions and returns the result
orConditions : Ors all the contained conditions and returns the result

Internal Conditions

buildCondition : Checks the builds condition to se whether the build was forced
statusCondition : Checks the build status
compareCondition : Compares two values

External Conditions

fileExistsCondition : Checks if a file exists
folderExistsCondition : Checks if a folder exists
urlPingCondition : Checks if a given URL returns status code 200 (Success)
urlHeaderCondition : Checks if a given URL has a specified Header with a specified Value
TimeCondition (NEW FOR TEST) : Checks if a given datetime follows a given set of rules


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